Task 59
Task 59
SHC Task 59

Renovating Historic Buildings Towards Zero Energy


RIBuild guidelines for internal insulation of historic buildings

April 2020 - Ernst Jan de Place Hansen

The ROP ERDF Sicily 2014/2020 for planning the energy retrofit of 106 public historic buildings

March 2020 - A. Buda, V. Pracchi, R. Sannasardo - Politecnico di Milano, Regione Sicilia - Dipartimento Energia

Decision support tool for the innovative and sustainable renovation of historic buildings (HISTool) summary

February 2020 - W. Hüttler, D. Bachner, G. Hofer, M. Krempl, G. Trimmel, I. Wall - EEHB2018

Dynamic thermal and hygrometric simulation of historical buildings: Critical factors and possible solutions

January 2020 - F. Leonforte, Ph.D - Politecnico di Milano

Reporting on national French conference on responsible retrofitting of historic buildings

December 2019 - J. Borderon, E. Héberlé - Cerema

The effect of climate change on retrofitted historic buildings: thermal mass, natural ventilation and overheating risk

November 2019 - L. Hao, D. Herrera, A. Troi - Eurac Research