The Task is structured in the following Subtasks:

Subtask A - Knowledge Base

Collection of Best Practice cases, following the approach of IEA SHC Task 37 and 47. Assessment of existing experience and identify energy saving potential.

Subtask B - Multidisciplinary planning process

Identification of replicable procedures on how experts can work together to maintain both the expression of the building, and at the same time make it more energy efficient. Identification and further development of tools which support the process and its single steps.

Subtask C - Conservation compatible retrofit solutions and strategies

Identification of replicable solutions from case studies. Connection to and integration of ongoing R&D on conservation compatible retrofit solutions. Assessment of technical solutions from both energy and conservation point of view.

Subtask D - Knowledge transfer and dissemination

Transfer the knowledge created in the Task to the relevant stakeholders: (i) architects and consultants; (ii) building owners and building users; (iii) developers and contractors; (iv) policy makers; (v) national authorities concerned with historic monuments and cultural heritage; (vi) crafts person and construction industry; and (vii) educational bodies (occupational colleges, research institutes, universities etc.).