October 9-16, 2019
SUPSI, Campus Trevano

Two parallel of information and exchange events between companies in the construction and photovoltaic sector on the subject of multifunctional building envelope, with light and active coatings will be organized in Ticino. Renowned companies in the construction sector meet professionals to illustrate the potential of the dry, high-performance, thin, durable and energetically active envelopes, in saving space, taking care of the appearance of new and existing buildings and equipping buildings with elements of active casing to produce clean energy. The companies Knauf, Hilti, Prefa and Greenkey meet the professionals and the University of Italian Switzerland SUPSI, presents how the active envelope and solutions of solar architecture can make even landscape-protected buildings self-sufficient and there will talk of solar architecture, of BiVP (photovoltaic systems integrated into buildings) as a reference construction model, of solar integration in historic buildings. Approximately 40 architects / Engineers are expected per evening, with renowned reference professionals at local and national level. Following the event there will have an “Aperitif Dinner" to encourage networking between companies and professionals. The events, aimed at professionals and companies, were used as exchange and investigation events for specific target groups and to gather input useful for mapping the stakeholders in the territory.