Task 59
Task 59
SHC Task 59

Renovating Historic Buildings Towards Zero Energy

Project (Task) Objectives

The Objectives of the Task are to

  • Develop a solid knowledge base on how to save energy in renovation of historic and protected buildings in a cost efficient way.
  • Identify the energy saving potential for protected and historic buildings according to typologies of building studied (residential, administrative, cultural…)
  • Identify and assess replicable procedures on how experts can work together with integrated design to maintain both the heritage value of the building and at the same time make it energy efficient
  • Identify and further develop tools which support this procedure and its single steps
  • Identify and assess conservation compatible retrofit solutions in a “whole building perspective”
  • Identify specifically the potential for the use of solar energy (passive and active, heating, cooling and electricity) and promote best practice solutions
  • Transfer knowledge

In the strategic plan it is stated that to realize this huge potential for solar heating and cooling in the building sector, it is essential to integrate solar technologies into the built environment in an appropriate way. Solar based renovation of existing building stock is listed as one of the most important activities to achieve this.