Task 59
Task 59
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Renovating Historic Buildings Towards Zero Energy

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The following are publications developed under Task 59:

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Task 59 Renovating Historic Buildings
Task 59 Renovating Historic Buildings
Task Flyer
January 2019 - PDF 0.85MB - Posted: 2019-01-15
Publisher: Task 59
Historic buildings constitute a considerable part of our building stock and are the trademark of numerous cities.  Historic buildings will, however, only survive if kept in use. To save this heritage for future generations, we need to find conservation compatible, renovation approaches and measures that preserve the heritage values of these buildings while improving user comfort, lowering energy bills and minimizing environmental impacts.



Energy Efficiency in Historical Buildings 2018 Conference Report
Energy Efficiency in Historical Buildings 2018 Conference Report
October 2018 - PDF 15.97MB - Posted: 2018-10-12

Final version of the proceedings are not ready yet, but the draft version is available.  Here's a list of Task 59 presenters and presentations::

09:00 Tor Broström -- Welcome
09:30 Ernst Jan de Place Hansen -- The RIBUild project
10:10 Ernst Jan de Place Hansen -- Energy savings due to internal façade insulation in historic buildings
11:00 Paula Femenías -- Value creation by re-renovation
11:20 Eva Birgit Møller -- How to estimate material properties for external walls
11:40 Gustaf Leijonhufvud -- What’s behind the façade?
12:00 Lingjun Hao -- The effect of climate change on the future performance
13:50 Walter Hüttler -- Decision support tool HISTool
14:10 Daniel Herrera -- Historic Building Atlas
15:10 Valeria Pracchi -- Removable textile devices to improve the energy efficiency
16:00 Alexandra Troi -- The “Waaghaus” of Bolzano
16:20 Alessia Buda -- Potentialities and criticalities of different retrofit options
16:40 Samuel Dubois -- Combining multi-view photogrammetry and wireless sensor networks
09:00 Amanda Webb -- Examining the energy performance using municipal benchmarking data
09:30 Franziska Haas -- Building stock analysis as a method to assess the heritage and energy
10:10 Ehsan Omar -- Categorization of the heritage building stock in Cairo
11:00 Petra Eriksson -- On designation of character defining elements
14:50 Giovanna Franco -- Nearly Zero Energy Heritage: taboo or challenge?
11:20 Giovanna Franco -- How to estimate material properties for external walls
11:40 Aitziber Egusquiza -- Energy efficiency improvement in historic urban environments
12:00 Alexandra Troi -- IEA Task 59
13:50 Tor Broström -- EEHB2018 Closing remarks
Life cycle assessment in improving the sustainability of existing buildings: Some issues in historic buildings
July 2018 - Posted: 2018-10-12
By: Hao, L., Lavagna, M., Troi, A., & Herrera, D.

The XII Italian LCA Network Conference. Life Cycle Thinking in decision-making for sustainability: from public policies to private businesses, 11-12 June 2018, Messina, Italy.



Solar Renovation of Historic Buildings: Towards a Zero Energy Built Heritage
September 2018 - Posted: 2018-10-12
By: Daniel Herrera

Keynote Presentation at EuroSun 2018 on October 12, 2018 by Daniel Herrera.  Talk: Historic buildings are trademarks of many cities but they will only survive if maintained as living spaces. Finding conservation-compatible technologies will be crucial for the built heritage and the opportunities for solar energy integration are far more substantial than one might initially expect.